About Us


Our Purpose

 The purpose of Tails of Hope, Inc. is to eliminate neglect, abuse, and suffering of animals by significantly impacting pet overpopulation through spay/neuter programs, rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and education. This will result in improved over-all quality of life for pets and help contribute to the prevention of pet overpopulation. 


Our History

 The Thomas M. O'Brien Animal Care Center is a project that began with a wish and a prayer to help the animal population in our community.  In June of 2011, Thomas O'Brien passed away and his wife ,Diane, and one of his brothers, Paul, joined together to fulfill this desire.  Tom loved animals and was always willing to help them in any way.  Due to his affection for his pet dogs, Paul and Diane thought it would be very appropriate to build an animal care center that would be able to eliminate neglect of the many animals in our community and to help control and prevent the pet overpopulation.  The Animal Care Center project was completed in 2014 and soon after, the direction of the project became apparent.  The idea of a spay/neuter clinic was established as a first priority with adoption and rescue efforts soon to be effective once the spay/neuter clinic was on solid ground.  The possibilities of what can be achieved and accomplished at the Thomas M. O'Brien Animal Care Center are endless.  Volunteers will play an important role in the success of this organization under the guidance of our veterinarian.